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The current and previous year's Approved Resolutions, Ordinaces and important documents will be provided by South Fayette Township for viewing and printing. Hard copies will be available for viewing at the Township Office.

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Resolution 2014-08, Civil Service Rules & Regulations

Resolution 2014-07, Childhood Cancer Awareness Week

Resolution 2014-06, PennDot E-Notice Program

Resolution 2014-05, State Rt 50/Washington Pike Corridor Traffic Improvement

Resolution 2014-04, Thomas Sray Recognition

Resolution 2014-03, Condemnation Resolution, 1601 Mayview Rd.

Resolution 2014-02, Steen Hollow Sanitary Sewer Extension

Resolution 2014-01, Fee Schedule Resolution


Ordinance 2014-04, Floodplain Management

Ordinance 2014-03, Accepting Gneiss Drive

Ordinance 2014-02, Electronic Signs

Ordinance 2014-01, Athletic Assoc. Bylaw Chapter A252

*FINAL DRAFT* 2014 Floodplain Management Ordinance

*PRELIMINARY DRAFT* 2014 Floodplain Management Ordinance

Resolution 2013-12, PEMA Designation of Agent

Resolution 2013-11, Non-Union Pension Plan

Resolution 2013-10, Local Tax

Resolution 2013-09, 2014 Budget

Resolution 2013-08, Volunteer & Intern Participation Guidelines

Resolution 2013-07, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Resolution 2013-06, Ratifying the sale of property to UPMC

Resolution 2013-05, Tobacco-Free Parks & Playgrounds

Resolution 2013-04, Sewage Facilities Plan, Walnut Ridge

Resolution 2013-03, Sewage Facilities Plan, Crossings of South Fayette

Resolution 2013-02, Allegheny County Hazard Mitigation Plan


Ordinance 2013-06, 2014 Millage Rate

Ordinance 2013-05, Fireworks

Ordinance 2013-04, Airport Hazard Overlay Project

Ordinance 2013-03, Setting the Millage Rate

Ordinance 2013-02, Vacating Dobis Street

Ordinance 2013-01, Vacating Ciaffoni Street


Resolution 2012-24, UPMC Plan Revision for New Land Development

Resolution 2012-23, Local Tax Enabling Tax 2013

Resolution 2012-22, 2013 Budget

Resolution 2012-21, Non Union Pension for 2013

Resolution 2012-20, Demolition Slums and Blight Resolution

Resolution 2012-19, CGDB Application Grant Demolition of Residential Structures

Resolution 2012-18, Traffic Signal, Washington Pike at Bursca Drive

Resolution 2012-17, Sewage Planning Module - Newbury

Resolution 2012-16, CDBG Grant ADA Fairview Park

Resolution 2012-15, CDBG Grant ADA Boys Home Park

Resolution 2012-14, PennDot Agreement of Indemnity

Resolution 2012-13, Township Manager Hiring

Resolution 2012-12, Incident Management System

Resolution 2012-11, Emergency Management Services

Resolution 2012-10, Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 2012-09, Liquor License Transfer

Resolution 2012-08, Bid Acceptance - Children's Hospital

Resolution 2012-07, $500,000 Grant Filing Redevelopment Auth. of Allegh County

Resolution 2012-06, $250,000 Grant Filing Redevelopment Auth. of Allegh County

Resolution 2012-05, Appointing Professionals for Debt Financing

Resolution 2012-04, DCNR Mayview Property Purchase

Resolution 2012-03, Treveskyn Park Grant

Resolution 2012-02, Comp. Parks Recreation and Open Space

Resolution 2012-01,  Fee Schedule Resolution


Ordinance 2012-03, Jordan Tax Services

Ordinance 2012-02, Regulation of Geophysical/ Seismic Testing

Ordinance 2012-01, Debt Ordinance Prospective


Resolution 2011-22, Local Tax Enabling 2012 Tax

Resolution 2011-21, 2012 Budget

Resolution 2011-20, Flood Control Authority

Resolution 2011-19, Opposition of House Bill 1950

Resolution 2011-18, Interim Manager

Resolution 2011-17, Non-Union Pension

Resolution 2011-16, Police Pension

Resolution 2011-15, DEP - Deerfield Plan Revision

Resolution 2011-14, School Zone Grant

Resolution 2011-13, Capital Improvements Plan

Resolution 2011-12, Roadway Sufficiency Analysis

Resolution 2011-11, Revising Rules & Reg for the Civil Service Commission

Resolution 2011-10, Plan Revision for New Land Development

Resolution 2011-09, Pension Related Services

Resolution 2011-08, Buckle-Up Program

Resolution 2011-07, Grant Request for a Walkway at Fairview Park

Resolution 2011-06, Grant for Mayview Land Acquisition

Resolution 2011-05, Firearms Owners Against Crime Small Games of Chance

Resolution 2011-04, Property Sale 100 Hickory Grade Rd.

Resolution 2011-03, Land Use Assumptions Report

Resolution 2011-02, Property Sale 100 Hickory Grade Rd.

Resolution 2011-01, Energy Conservation Measure Certification



Ordinance 2011-07, 2012 Millage Rate

Ordinance 2011-06, Multi-Family Parking Amendment

Ordinance 2011-05, Transportation Impact Fee

Ordinance 2011-04, Oil & Gas Processing, amending Chapter 240, Zoning

Ordinance 2011-03, Oil & Gas Well Development, Amending Ordinance 2010-05

Ordinance 2011-02, Impervious Coverage

Ordinance 2011-01, Vacating Right-of-Way, St. Anthony's 179 Millers Run Rd.


Resolution 2010-19, 2011 Capital and Operating Budget

Resolution 2010-18, Act 511 Taxification Rates

Resolution 2010-17, Fee Schedule Resolution

Resolution 2010-16, Winter Traffic Services Agreement

Resolution 2010-15, Non-Union Pension Rates

Resolution 2010-14, Police Pension Contribution Rate

Resolution 2010-13, Grant Application Indoor Soccer Field

Resolution 2010-12, Termination

Resolution 2010-11, Opposition to Forced Local Government Mergers and Consolidation

Resolution 2010-10, PENNDOT Summer Maintenance Agreement

Resolution 2010-09, CDBG Grant Fairview Park

Resolution 2010-08, Community Center Feasibility

Resolution 2010-07, Land Parcel Vacation near St. Anthonys Church

Resolution 2010-06, Snow Emergency

Resolution 2010-05, Non-Union Pension 2010

Resolution 2010-04, Non-Union Pension 2009

Resolution 2010-03, Grant, Morgan Field Lighting

Resolution 2010-02, Grant, Community Center Construction

Resolution 2010-01, Declaration of Disaster Emergency Resolution

Resolution 2010-00, Non-Union Pension 2011



Ordinance 2010-06, Taxation Milage 2011

Ordinance 2010-05, Oil and Gas Well Development

Ordinance 2010-04, Acceptance of Streets, Parks Farms Estates

Ordinance 2010-03, Acceptance of Streets, Berkshires Subdivision

Ordinance 2010-02, Restating Police Pension Plan

Ordinance 2010-01, No Parking on Olde Orchard


Resolution 2009-24, 2010 Budget

Resolution 2009-23, 2010 Local Tax Enabling Tax

Resolution 2009-22, Fee Schedule Resolution

Resolution 2009-21, 2010 Service Level Pension Rate

Resolution 2009-20, 2010 Police Pension Contribution Rate

Resolution 2009-19, 2009 Energy Audit

Resolution 2009-18, Transfer of Property Municipal Authority

Resolution 2009-17, Records Destruction Resolution

Resolution 2009-16, BOC Signature Form 8038-g

Resolution 2009-15, Acquisition of 100 Hickory Grade Road for SFTWP Community Civic Center

Resolution 2009-14, CDBG Grant ADA Entrance, Parking, Walkway and Viewing Area at Boy's Home Park

Resolution 2009-13, CDBG Grant ADA Walkway at Fairview Park

Resolution 2009-12, Grant Application Comprehensive Plan/Traffic Impact Fee Study

Resolution 2009-11, Grant Application Boys Home Stormwater Pond

Resolution 2009-10, Grant Application 100 Grant Street Demolition

Resolution 2009-09, Grant Application Star City Property

Resolution 2009-08, DOT Grant System Liquid Fuels Filling

Resolution 2009-07, DCNR Grant Fairview Park Phase III

Resolution 2009-06, DCNR Grant Community Center Aquisition

Resolution 2009-05, DCNR Grant Community Center Renovations

Resolution 2009-04, DCNR Grant Sturgeon Park

Resolution 2009-02, Reimbursement Resolution

Resolution 2009-01, Naming of Morgan Property to Treveskyn Park



Ordinance 2009-08, 2010 Millage Rate

Ordinance 2009-07, Zoning Ordinance - Conservation District Rezoning - FINAL

Ordinance 2009-07, Zoning Ordinance - Conservation District Rezoning - FINAL (Exhibit A)

Ordinance 2009-06, Police Drop Pension

Ordinance 2009-05, Debt Ordinance

Ordinance 2009-04, Police Pension COLA Calculations

Ordinance 2009-03, Amendment to Chapter 240, New Zoning Distict CD1 Conservation District

Ordinance 2009-02, Amendment to Senior Citizen Bylaws

Ordinance 2009-01, Amendment to Supplemental Regulations



Resolution 2008-15, Budget 2009

Resolution 2008-14, Police Pension

Resolution 2008-13, Local Tax Enabling Tax 2009

Resolution 2008-12, Fee Schedule Resolution

Resolution 2008-11, Agriculture Conservation Easement Authorization

Resolution 2008-10, Impact Fee Advisory Committee

Resolution 2008-09, Fairview Park ADA Walkways

Resolution 2008-08, Fee Schedule Revision

Resolution 2008-07, Abatement of Public Nuisance (Bees)

Resolution 2008-06, Panhandle Trail DCNR Grant Application

Resolution 2008-05, Park Design Plan DCNR Grant Application

Resolution 2008-04, Sturgeon Park DCNR Grant Application

Resolution 2008-03, Pension Plan 2008

Resolution 2008-02, Pension Plan 2007

Resolution 2008-01, Pension Plan 2006


Ordinance 2008-13, 2009 Millage Rate

Ordinance 2008-12, Abele Assoc. Parcel Rezoning to B-1

Ordinance 2008-11, Rezoning of Mayview Property

Ordinance 2008-10, First Responder, Southbridge EMS

Ordinance 2008-09, 24 Hour Trash and Recycle Limits

Ordinance 2008-08, Amending Sect. 240, Area and Bulk Regulations

Ordinance 2008-07, Vacating of Nicholson Drive

Ordinance 2008-06, Amending Zoning Emerson R2 to B1

Ordinance 2008-05, Standing or Parking of Commercial Vehicles and/or Tractor Trailers in a Residential Area

Ordinance 2008-04, Secondary Means of Access Amendment

Ordinance 2008-03, CSOD Ordinance

Ordinance 2008-02, Vacating Public Right-of-Way, 3132/3130 Washington Pike

Ordinance 2008-01, Zoning Ordinance - Torre Rezoning




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