South Fayette Township
Fire District


The South Fayette Fire District:
Four Volunteer Fire Departments Ensure Your Safety

In case of ANY emergency, please remember to DIAL 9-1-1 immediately and provide your exact address

South Fayette Township covers nearly 21 square miles of rolling hills along the southwestern corner of Allegheny County. Home to many acres of forest and farmland, the township shares this open space with 4700 households...with about 150 new homes built each year.

South Fayette Township is provided Fire and Emergency response protection by four Volunteer Fire Departments;

Station 266, South Fayette Volunteer Fire Department
Station 267, Sturgeon Volunteer Fire Department
Station 268, Fairview Volunteer Fire Department
Station 269, Oakridge Volunteer Fire Department

Our Volunteer Fire Departments provide township residents, visitors, homes and businesses with 24 hour emergency response and protection. These departments also provide mutual-aid response to neighboring communities and counties when requested. All of these departments are 100% volunteer with no paid members or officers. These emergency responders are residents of our community, have full-time jobs, family commitments and the same daily routines as every resident - except when their pagers go off for an emergency. Please keep them in mind when the fire siren wakes you in the middle of the night or when the firetrucks are trying to get to the scene of an emergency.

Please also keep them in mind during their annual fund drives, your contributions are greatly needed and appreciated.

Here's How You Can Help:

PARTICIPATE in annual fund drives. Please be generous when your local department sends it's fund drive letters out.

ATTEND fundraising events sponsored by the departments. These events raise monies critical to their continued operation for your safety.

VOLUNTEER your time and talents with your local department. People interested in being trained as firefighters are always needed, but so are people to help run bingos, fish frys, fund raising events, and business areas. Whatever time you have, there's a job for you at the local fire department.

MARK your home clearly with house numbers at least 3" tall, (6" for businesses) so that your home or business can be quickly located in the event of an emergency. Numbers should be easily visible and may be placed on mailboxes if directly in front of the building.

The following links will allow you to access the various fire department websites.
These sites are not run by the Township of South Fayette and comments should be directed to the owner of that site.

Station 266
P.O. Box 168 Cuddy, PA 15031
(412) 257-2755
Chief Joe Janocha
Click here for South Fayette Vol. Fire Dept. website

Station 267
PO Box 317, 526 Main Street
Sturgeon, PA 15082
(724) 926-9149
Chief Craig Delaney
Click here for Sturgeon Vol. Fire Dept. website

Station 268
3326 Washington Pike
Bridegville, PA 15017
(412) 221-8134
Chief Dan Dernosek
Click here for Fairview Volunteer Fire Dept. website

Station 269
1214 Oakridge Road
McDonald, PA 15057
(724) 693-8880
Chief Bill Supan

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