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Newbury Press Conference (February 28, 2008)

On February 27, 2008 Federal, State County and Local officials gathered in the winter cold at the proposed Newbury Market Site to announce the awarding of a $5,000,000 Grant to EQA for the construction of the much anticipated Newbury Project.

Newbury Press Release

Newbury Press Conference Pictures


Newbury Development Presentations:

Town Hall Meeting Presentation of 08-22-2007

Recommended Traffic Mitigations - Newbury Project

Newbury EAC Plan

Fiscal Impact Summary of Newbury Project

Site Plans for Newbury Market (Commercial):

Overall Market Site Plan

Market Site Plan - C401

Market Site Plan - C402

Market Site Plan - C403

Market Site Plan - C404

Market Site Plan - C405

Market Construction Details - 1

Market Construction Details - 2


Site Plans for Newbury Ridge (Residential):

Overall Site Plan

Site Plan - C401

Site Plan - C402

Site Plan - C403

Site Plan - C404

Lot Layout Details

Site Plan Details

Site Construction Details